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I’m forwarding this for a friend, sorry if this is inappropriate (and let me know if so), but I feel this is a good group that might be interested. I’ve spent a few hours with this company to help them assess where they are at but I’m unable to commit to a longer term project with them, so maybe someone else is available? Personally it doesn’t look very hard in my opinion.



His email isn’t below, but it’s [dan AT jobscore DOT com]


Thanks in advance for opening this up and giving it a read. I hope this message finds you very well. I’ll get right to it:

A well-funded customer of mine in San Francisco that sells an enterprise financial product needs help shoring up their Sysops to roll out their first really big customer – and I mean really big.

Their production and QA instances are already up and running in the Amazon cloud (which their customer is fine with) but they had a false positive with the guy they hired to further shore things up for a “real roll out” (he’s gone now) and they are behind the 8 ball to get things read to go on a short fuse.

The long and the short of it is they are looking for a hero to drop in and get them prepared for increased usage & reliability in the very near future. Certainly a few weeks of consulting work, potentially more. The preferred resource will be:

· A UNIX jock.
· Familiar with enterprise requirements (what F1000 firms need to be happy / not freaked out)
· Has been doing sysops for a while, is precise and can move fast.
· Available immediately to consult: batteries are charged, ready to clock some hours, make some dough and get something out the door. They’ll have some help from the dev team, but it would be great if they are comfortable being the lead and are good at working solo.
· Someone who has set-up a high-availability cloud-based infrastructure before would be really, really good. Previous experience with AWS would be better.

If you know someone who can do this and is ready to roll, please e-intro me.

If you don’t, but know an individual or a vendor who could, please forward along this email - the startup gods will smile on you for helping out.


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