Meeting notes for April 15, 2021

Below are the meeting notes for last week's Community Meeting, a text-based meeting held weekly in #community-meetings on our community slack, which you can join:


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Quick reminder that Chef is letting @tas50 and @benny (she/her) host the Chef Infra Client 17 Virtual Launch and Community Celebration on April 28th. (Edit by benny to add: also check out the Community Recognition Plan we’re starting this year)

And as you may have guessed I’m actually working for Chef now, on the Community team!

This week’s releases

Chef Automate

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Automate 2 version 20210406040048

  • UI Improvements have been made around Chef Server management (#4888 8)
    Bug Fixes
  • Removed the 5 character restriction on TLD in FQDN while adding Chef Infra Servers (#4890)
    Read the full release announcement over on discourse

Chef Habitat

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Last week we released Habitat 1.6.288 which includes some dependency updates and a fix for the hab binary shipped with Chef Workstation for mac.
You can check out the full announcement at

Chef Infra Client

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  • InSpec has been updated from 4.29.3 to 4.31.1
  • Ubuntu FIPS Support
  • A number of Ruby CVEs have been addressed
  • Improved System detection for :OsRelease (thanks @ramereth !)
  • dsc_script and dsc_resource (thanks @jeremyciak)

Read the full release announcement on Discourse

Chef Inspec

damacus shaerd

Version 4.32.0

  • Added ability to pass inputs to InSpec
  • Fix SSH Timeout PTY allocation

See Discourse for more details

Chef Workstation

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Workstation 21.4.365

  • macOS Support in chef-run
  • Opt-In ChefSpec Specs
  • Improved Kitchen Dokken Configs
  • Autocompletion in fish Shell
  • Packaging Improvements

Get the full deets over on Discourse


Chef Automate

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  • A bunch of UI improvements have been made around Chef Server views
  • Modified FQDN character restriction from 5 to 25 characters
  • Internal node modules have been updated
  • Added internal UI test cases to cover for improved views

Chef Infra Client

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  • Ruby 3
  • Working on parallizer code cleanup
  • Moved a few tests over to GitHub Actions for improved coverage and visualization in PRs

Chef Infra Server

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  • Prepping our 14.3 release
  • Misc fixes to Manage UI
  • mtls work (soon!)
  • AWS S3 sigv4 final validation
  • Continued work on the Rails upgrade

Chef Inspec

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The Chef InSpec team is working on:

  • Added support for Docker for Windows, with both Linux and Windows containers
  • Added support for timing out the command resource on certain transports
  • Fixed a regression for the command timeout feature when used with kitchen-inspec resulting the error "Command timed out after 0 seconds"
  • Fixed another regression for the command timeout feature over the SSH transport involving unnecessary PTY allocation which changed the interpretation of command input parsing
  • Fixed a bug in which Hash-valued Inputs sometimes had keys that were Strings and sometimes Symbols, depending on whether you used metadata or --input-file ; now you may use either one to access them
  • Added support for --input-file to the shell command
  • Working on adding SElinux resources
  • Working on a mode in which waived controls are not evaluated at all (adopting the ludicrous speed PR)
  • Working on adding a mode in which the source code of the controls is included in the CLI reporter output
  • Working on adding regex validation to inputs

Chef Workstation

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Hello from Workstation!

  • couple of ec2 Test Kitchen driver issues(particularly- Allow specifying Elastic Network Interface ID, CentOs AMI orphan root volumes issue)
  • chef-cli issue (Don’t add the Workstation path if it is already there in chef shell-init)
  • updated Git version to 2.31.1

Currently working on

  • Moving some of the Ruby code to Go binary in chef-worstation(e.g chef -v and chef --help)
  • macOS builds are failing when ruby gets updated to 2.7.3

Worksation app issues

  • A JavaScript error occurred in the main process while opening workstation app when the default profile is missing in the knife config
  • Workstation crashes hard if the installation in /opt is removed

Sous Chefs

ramereth shared

Here's the list of new releases in the past week:

  • apache2 - 8.10.0: Fix apache2_mod_auth_cas resource for all supported platforms
  • rsyslog - 8.0.2: Add check for FreeBSD to prevent trying to install a RELP package
  • sssd_ldap - 5.1.0: Sous Chefs Adoption
  • yum-remi-chef - 4.2.0: Add PHP 8.0 support / ChefSpec enhancements

Here's the list of currently active pull requests that might be of interest:

  • atom: Support Ubuntu 20.04 #68
  • haproxy: Multiple service actions and various fixes #455
  • iis: Allow specifying install method for windows_feature resources #477
  • sql_server: Add eula check #161
  • users: Failing test for user/group name match regression in v6 #452

Cinc Updates

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Cinc Client:

  • Released 16.12.3, 16.13.16, & 15.16.7

Cinc Workstation:

  • Released 21.4.365 via the unstable channel
  • @tarcinil created PR to Distify chef-automate-collect component

Cinc Auditor:

  • Released 4.31.0, 4.31.1 & 4.32.0

Cinc Server:

We also resolved an issue where specifying unattended execution didn't work on Windows using our omnitruck endpoint:

See you next week!

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