Meeting Notes for June 10, 2021

Below are the meeting notes for last week’s Community Meeting, a text-based meeting held weekly in #community-meetings on our community slack, which you can join:


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The final two things I’ve got for you is your weekly reminder for ChefConf 2021 Call for Speakers
and we’ll be streaming again next week, Tuesday 2pm BST / 9am EST

This week’s releases

Chef Automate

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Automate 2 was released with a bunch of new features

  • Checking and updating the node run list
  • Reset client keys
  • Add tags to nodes

For a full changelog jump over to discourse

Chef Infra Client

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The infra team release Chef Infra Client 17.2

A couple of new resources, zfs_pool and zfs_dataset inspec automate replaces the existing inspec compliance command for all of you still using that command!

And one for me and anyone else out there writing custom resources. We’ve not got a slow resource reporter. with the --slow--report flag.

That doesn’t even scratch the surface of the changes there, so head over to discourse .

Chef Inspec

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InSpec 4.37 was released with a couple of bug fixes

  • Fixed the inspec shell to allow loading profiles that have their own dependent profiles. ( #5547 )
  • Docs correction: sshd_config is for daemon, not client. Thanks for this fix, @jblaine ! ( #5549 )

Chef Workstation

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Chef Workstation 21.6 had a huge release.

  • Ruby 3 to bring it up to date with Chef 17.
  • Chef Infra Client 17.2 (spoilers for the Chef Infra client release)


There’s a backwards incompatible change as we’ve removed support for Chef Compliance Server and Chef Automate which are now EOL

Again, jump over to discourse for the full changelog!

Other news

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PS, you should totally subscribe to discourse if you are interested in release announcements .


Chef Habitat

mwrockx shared

This week we have been working on:

  • Builder Notifications
  • Core-plans team onboarding
  • Continued work on core-plans refresh
  • Investigating customer support issues

Chef Infra Client

tas50 shared

  • Released 17.2 with the new --slow-report flag, lots of resource updates, and a fix for installing gems into the install on Windows.
  • Continuing work on moving client.pem into the Windows Certificate Store
  • Starting work to load InSpec profiles and waivers from a new /compliance directory in cookbooks so you can test / iterate on profiles locally
  • Planning out our cloud secrets manager integration work that's ramping up

Chef Infra Server

prajakta shared

This week -
Dependency Updates:

  • Elasticsearch 6.8.16
  • OpenResty

Done -

In Progress -

  • testing the chef-server-ctl backup and chef-server-ctl restore for Chef Infra Server and adding respective scenarios to the integration test pipeline.
  • code fix for the issue identified with
  • creating a dataset to test Postgres upgrade.

That is all for us! See you wonderful folks next week

Chef Inspec

cwolfe shared

The Chef InSpec team is working on:

  • Creating resources for Sybase database
  • Improving error handling for database resources when the database is not connected
  • Making a resource to represent Oracle configuration
  • Making resources to support MongoDB

Chef Workstation

Nikhil Gupta shared

Workstation team updates for this week:

  • Updated workstation ruby to 3.0.1
  • Move chef -v to go
  • Better error message on when passing the invalid AMI ID
  • Publishing the macOS builds for the M1 macs
  • Simplify and Improve the Shell Init
  • Building GO , its debugging tools(delve) and the cobra library knowledge to work on the upcoming GO features and test cases.

Sous Chefs

ramereth shared

Hello from Sous Chefs!

Here's the list of new releases in the past week:

  • aptly - 2.3.3:
    • [CI] Update ActionsHub actions to point at main
    • [CI] Update GitHub Actions checkout to v2
    • Move resource documentation into the documentation folder
  • aptly - 2.4.0:
    • Make tmpdir configurable
  • golang - 5.2.0:
    • Update example package to adhere with modern Go standards
  • htpasswd - 2.0.2:
    • [CI] Update ActionsHub actions to point at main
    • [CI] Update GitHub Actions checkout to v2
  • htpasswd - 2.0.3:
    • Fix helper script to use file instead of name property
  • java - 9.0.0:
    • Remove Corretto checksum code defaults as this changes regularly
    • Chef 17 updates: enable unified_mode on all resources
    • Bump required Chef Infra Client to >= 15.3
  • seven_zip - 4.2.0:
    • Add remove action to seven_zip_tool
  • seven_zip - 4.2.1:
    • [CI] Change ActionsHub actions to main
    • [CI] Change checkout action to v2
    • [CI] Change final step to an echo for faster final step

damacus shared

If anyone wants to jump in and help the Chef 17 support work the full list can be found here

On a slight side note. If anyone is using the ActionsHub GitHub Actions. They recently deleted the master branch and replaced it with main . They’ve been holding of on deleting that for 7 months. So if you noticed your Actions are now broken, there’s a small change to make there.

Cinc Updates

ramereth shared

Hello from the Cinc Project!

Cinc Auditor

  • Released 4.37.23
  • Will be releasing 4.37.25 later today

Cinc Client

  • Released 17.2.29

Cinc Workstation

  • Working on resolving an issue building 21.6.479 on Windows

Cinc Server:

  • Released 14.4.4 via the unstable channel

See you Thursday!

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