Meeting notes for July 23, 2020

Below are the meeting notes for this week's Community Meeting, a text-based meeting held weekly in #community-meetings on our community slack, which you can join:


bennyVasquez shared

This week we added more pages to the Chef Community site ( ) and are now redirecting the Habitat ( ) and InSpec ( ) micro-sites to the new pages. You can view the new pages here:

I also want to mention: make sure you’re keeping an eye on the page. We’ve been adding a bunch of virtual events, and would love to see your faaaaaaaaaaces.

This week’s releases

Chef Inspec

tas50 shared

The InSpec folks released 4.22.0 and 4.22.1 with improved support for macOS Big Sur, fixes to ignore cdrom sources in the apt resources, and some fixes for CLI inputs

Chef Workstation

tas50 shared

Workstation 20.7.96 shipped. This release now includes the Habitat CLI so Workstation is your single tool for all Chef products. We also upgraded many knife/kitchen plugins and updated cookstyle:

Sous Chefs

ramereth shared

Cookbook Releases:

  • pyenv 3.3.1 was released with fixes for some namespace attributes (thanks @petracvv )

  • vagrant 2.0.3 was released which includes a variety of fixes in the tests (thanks @markgibbons )

  • consul 4.0.3 was released with a variety of cookstyle fixes

  • openvpn 5.1.0 was released adding CentOS 8 support (thanks to my OSL student Ryan Z for doing that and also a new contributor!)

  • mysql 8.7.3 was released with a bunch of cookstyle fixes and also restores support for Chef Infra Client < 16

Other releases

tas50 shared

Cookstyle 6.13 shipped with 5 new cops bringing the total to 208. These focus on cleaning up redundant code and simplifying things by using newer patterns:


Chef Automate

Alex Pop shared

Greetings from the Automate team!

  • We added project update support to the Chef Server event-feed actions.
  • Added the ability to select the columns to be displayed on the Desktop page.
  • Merged an actions change to propagate the Chef Server FQDN as the service_hostname. This was ‘localhost’ before.
  • Working to improve Compliance control title and tag suggestions.
  • Continuing the work to capture and report all possible InSpec runtime errors.
  • Added Chef Server and Chef Server Organization fields to the event-feed-service.
  • Merged documentation updates.
  • Improved deployment and operation of the Automate services.

Chef Habitat

sdmacfarlane shared

Greetings from the Habitat team! This last week we've been working on:

  • A number of cli ux improvements
  • Bug fixes to svc load argument parsing
  • Fixes to Windows build script to properly load build dependency runtime environments
  • Continuing work to add coverage to our datastore code so we can safely swap the postgres crate out for the Diesel ORM in jobsrv
  • Extend data returned by hab pkg info , and added json output

Chef Infra Server

prajakta shared

Hello Chefs!

  • This week we have been looking into the failures with aws sig_v4 and FIPS.
  • Work is underway on removing opscode-expander along with Solr and Rabbitmq as a part to the Chef Infra Server 14 release. Also fixing the issues we see with chef-backend and external elasticsearch topology in doing so.

Chef Infra Client

tas50 shared

  • Rewrote the macos_userdefaults resource to resolve a large number of fundamental failures in the previous design
  • A large chunk of test cleanup work mostly focusing around cleanly running our Windows unit / functional tests
  • Initial work starting on integration testing for bootstrapping
  • shell_out and which helpers have been moved out of the chef codebase itself so we can use these in other projects like ohai. This is going to enable some upcoming Target Mode work
  • Work to cleanup some insensitive terms in client configs. path_sanity, attribute_whitelist, attribute_blacklist

Hopefully we have a 16.3 release out today, but it may be tomorrow. Initial release notes here:

Chef Inspec

Stocksy shared

Hello from the InSpec team!

Oh yes, we have two releases for you! Not only are we up to 4.22 but we’ve added additional features for a 4.22.1 release!

Here’s what’s brand spanking new in 4.22.1 :

  • A bugfix where Chef InSpec’s Chef Habitat builds for Linux no longer execute with a PATH that includes build dependency directories.

Here’s what you were previewed last week about 4.22 and is now live:

  • When a runtime error occurs while loading a profile, instead of immediately terminating, InSpec now reports the profile as “failed”.
  • Updated the service resource in preparation of the coming macOS 11 Big Sur release.
  • Fixed a bug where having a = character in a CLI input would truncate the value passed to InSpec.
  • Fixed a bug where the apt resource did not handle the presence of apt-cdrom type repos.

Thanks everyone and have a great week!

Chef Workstation

tball shared

Howdy! Most of our relevant work in the last week went into the Chef Workstation release. It now includes the hab binary. We found that we need to update chef -v to include the hab version so we're working on that now. The rest of our time has been spent refactoring code, writing documentation, and planning our next feature.

Sous Chefs

ramereth shared

Work in progress:

There are other various PRs that need review

@markgibbons has been a busy person with Sous Chefs this week!

Cinc Updates

ramereth shared

Cinc Client:

Cinc Workstation:

  • Released 20.7.96 & 20.7.81 via our unstable channel
  • Plan on continuing work on resolving outstanding issues to get the build properly trademark complaint
  • Will intend on building upstream stable versions when they are released and release them on the unstable channel

Cinc Auditor:

Cinc Server:

  • Had a zoom call yesterday with @jgitlin @Ehlers discussing next steps to get this build moving along.
  • Decided on splitting up various tasks to individuals to help speed up development
  • @jgitlin will work on an update PR to create globally word mark attributes to make the cookbooks which deploy server work for Cinc
  • @Ehlers will work on various server gems and incorporating dist support as needed
  • Created a meta issue ( ) to track progress
  • Plan on doing a weekly zoom call on Wednesdays at 11AM PDT for the foreseeable future. DM @ramereth for details for that call if you want to join and help!


  • Restarting work on getting ppc64le builds going for Cinc Client (it's currently a blocker at $work for me!)

Other updates

ramereth shared

yum-centos 4.0.2 was released which includes a slight refactor and additional features for users of CentOS

  • All SIG repositories can now be managed with this cookbook
  • Added and improved unit and integration testing
  • Fixed and added support for using multiple vault repos
  • Added debuginfo and cr repos for CentOS 8 now that they are available upstream
  • Removed XenServer support which frees up some untested code
  • Remove node['yum-centos']['keep_scl_repositories'] attribute since we manage SCL repos directly now

See you next week!

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