Meeting notes for June 25th, 2020

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Below are the meeting notes for this week's Community Meeting, a text-based meeting held weekly in #community-meetings on our community slack, which you can join:


  • Another quick Learn Chef update: We also have launched a new platform for storing and sharing the badge awards, based on the Open Badges standard. You can see yours on If you create an account with the same email address as your account on Learn Chef, all of your old and new badges will be available.
  • We’re also sponsoring RustConf’s digital conference . They’re live on August 20th, so keep an eye out for that

This week’s releases

Chef Automate

tas50 shared

Automate 2 20200617215626 was released with additional logging for inspec faillures:

Chef Habitat

tas50 shared

Habitat 1.6.56 was released with a fix for a security regression with communication to the supervisor as well as new flags for controlling the udpate period plus a ton of other minor fixes.

Chef Infra Client

tas50 shared

Chef Infra Client 16.2.50 was also released with a few nice bug fixes and initial Ohai support for macOS Big Sur:

Chef Inspec

tas50 shared

InSpec 4.20.10 was released with fixed a failure for tools that consume inspec as a library (like kitchen-inspec):

Other releases

tas50 shared

knife-vcenter 5.0.2 was released with a fix for failures running the knife commands

Foodcritic 16.3 was released. Don't worry Foodcritic is still EOL, but this release removes the need for the cucumber-core dependency and all the deps that brings in. This helps us slim down the Workstation install by another 1.5%


Chef Automate

Alex Pop shared

  • Merged a change for the license modals to self-close within 5 minutes of a valid license being applied.
  • Improved the performance of data ingestion by having multiple nodemanager publishers.
  • Fixed the link of recurring Scan Jobs.
  • Updated the bundled compliance profiles
  • Truncated the long errors in Top Errors section of the Desktop page.
  • Improved the auto-generated documentation.
  • We have ongoing research & development for compliance remediation.
  • Working to improve reporting of Compliance errors caused by InSpec exceptions (profile or resource bugs).

Chef Habitat

sdmacfarlane shared

  • Continuing integration of the graph work back into builder, planning around how to teach the scheduler to deal with cycles is up next.
  • Uninstall hook PR is in review
  • Added documentation for on-prem-builder to a2 managed builder migration
  • Refactoring to enable future work around changing channel/update-strategy without restarting services
  • Work to "bulk load" services from configuration to improve the bootstrapping experience

Chef Infra Server

prajakta shared

  • In the past week we have been focussed of fixing a regression for FIPS.
  • The sig_v4 changes are passing in pedant. We are working on making sure (and fixing) the different chef-server topologies that are supported.

That is all for us!

Chef Infra Client

tas50 shared

  • Released 16.2.50
  • Continue to work on improving our tests with some long overdue cleanup happening for our unit tests
  • Continued work on improving how DNF behaves
  • Prepping 15.12 with a large number of backported issues
  • 15.12 will ship once I track down a regression in archive_file on Windows
  • It's turned into a pretty big update:

Chef Inspec

schwad shared

We’ve got a meatier release than usual in the works, so no new releases this week. Merged changes that will be coming in the next release (4.21.1) include:

  • A new html2 reporter to replace the current rspec-based html reporter. The html2 reporter shows you all the data from your InSpec run and even allows you to configure custom JS and css files to render the report with! In the past our old html reporter has had some issues with folks around branding and formatting, all of which will be resolved and vastly improved with this new reporter! This reporter will fully replace the html reporter in InSpec 5

Several improvements have been added for the interface resource:

  • The resource is now supported for MacOS/BSD
  • The resource now has a pluralised interfaces to query multiple interfaces.
  • New ipv4_address and ipv6_address properties will return the primary IP address for an interface.

@theinen helped us big time and fixed a performance issue when targeting hosts over ssh where InSpec was re-opening a new ssh connection for each command sent to the target.

Thanks everyone and have a great week!

Chef Workstation

tball shared

This has been a week of bug fixes and pipeline improvements. In addition:

  • I reached out to the Chocolatey team to see what we can do about getting the Chef Workstation package accepted, but have not heard back from them yet. The issue on their side appears to affect multiple packages we have uploaded.
  • We have started working on some Test Kitchen issues that are affecting Chef Workstation users. I'm going to start attending the Sous Chef meetings so I can sync up with how TK is being managed now, and how we can help.

Sous Chefs

xorima shared

Not many changes that I am aware of, mainly spent some time granting @ramereth access to everything so he can do releases now
@damacus is still working on our auto-releaser.
And planning on doing a triage session tomorrow on all out open PRs

Cinc Updates

ramereth shared

Cinc Client:

  • Released 16.2.50 which now includes packages for Amazon Linux 2 (x86_64/aarch64)
  • Will plan on pushing packages for Amazon Linux 2 for Cinc Client 15 soon
  • @Tensibai has made a lot of progress with Habitat/Biome builds

Cinc Auditor:

  • Released 4.20.10
  • Added support for building aarch64 and Amazon Linux 2. Will plan on pushing the latest stable version with those soon. This includes a pipeline refactor matching what we did with Cinc Client.

Cinc Workstation:

  • Continued work on enabling builds for Windows, but excluding the "Chef Application" due to build issues.


  • Futher updates on cinc-omnibus cookbook which will be used to build omnibus docker images, replacing much of the custom logic in the Dockerfiles. This will also provide some fixes required for Cinc Server.
  • Interested in finding a community member who might be interested in adding support for Cinc in the Terraform Chef provisioner. Let us know in #community-distros !

Other updates

bennyVasquez shared

Oh! and have both gotten slight updates in the last couple weeks. Nothing major, but at least the latter has links to our actual OSS practices now.

See you next week!

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