Meeting notes for Feb 27, 2020

Below are the meeting notes for this week.


tas50 shared

  • ChefConf 2020 is rapidly approaching so make sure you get your tickets
  • If you put in a talk proposal you should know pretty soon if that’s been accepted

bennyVasquez shared

  • Another episode of the Chef Live! stream is up on Twitch, “Security and Audits”. Lead Compliance Architect Galen Emery talks about what challenges engineers face when it comes time for an audit: If you have topics you’d like to hear us chat about, let us know!
  • I forgot to mention last week, for anyone that missed it, @brittany wrote up a great blog post around why she comes back to ChefConf. She’s giving a talk around improving visibility and health of your systems through integration of Chef and ServiceNow. Earlybird prices don’t end until April 13th, so you’ve got a little time to pick up your ticket at a discounted rate

This week’s releases

Chef Workstation

tas50 shared:

First off Workstation 0.16 was released. This release included new version of Cookstyle, Chef Infra Client, Chef Inspec, and various knife/kitchen plugins. It also shipped with improvements to the Workstation App, which now includes a preferences panel and runs at boot. Last, but not least this release comes with some serious optimizations to knife which now runs 3x faster on Windows and 4.5x faster on macOS


tas50 shared:

The Automate team had their weekly release of Automate 2 with some nice improvements to backups and the new access management settings. It also fixes a good number of bugs

Chef InSpec

tas50 shared:

Chef InSpec had a hotfix release with 4.18.97 that resolves issues using custom resources in resource packs

Other releases

tas50 shared:

kitchen-openstack 5.0 shipped with the ability to set a sleep time after attaching volumes to give OpenStack a chance to do its thing. This also updates to the new fog-openstack 1.x gem which has a large number of improvements for talking to the latest OpenStack releases

Finally we did a large number of updates to our habitat cookbook for Chef Infra. If you want to run hab packages as services on your Linux or Windows nodes which it out. We’d love to get this functionality into Chef Infra itself, but we want to make sure it’s in a great state first.

Other updates


Alex Pop shared:

  • We made backend performance improvements for edge cases discovered in the field
  • Merged authentication bug fixes and improvements based on IAMv2 feedback
  • Made improvements to the Data Feed service
  • Progressed with the Habitat Builder in Automate work
  • Improvements to documentation and release notes
  • Continuing with code refactoring and cleanup
  • Added Waivers support to the compliance reports API call


cwolfe shared

The InSpec team worked on a bug involving inspec-aws, inspec-azure, and inspec-gcp all failing with a "no method Resource" error, for which we released a hotfix, 4.18.97. We're currently working on a bug involving inspec detect under habitat, and sudo+ssh issues.


sdmacfarlane shared:

Greetings from the Habitat team. This week in Habitat:

  • Simplifying protobuf generation
  • Upgrading and simplifying usage of Time crate
  • Adding a FullyQualifiedPackageIdent type
  • Adding tests to compare and validate updates to our CLI code
  • Allow Get-HabPackagePath to accept any valid ident, for parity with pkg_path_for
  • Starting work on Service Rollback
  • Starting work on prototype tools to test building all of core inside of builder ( I am so excited for this work )


tball shared

The Workstation team implemented some improvements to the chef-analyze node and cookbook reports. Columns are now sorted, making them easier to read. We also discovered a bug in our dependency bumping pipeline for Chef Workstation so the 0.16.31 release is missing some updates that we want to get in. We are working on a fix now and will release it ASAP.

jaymzh shared

There's a new MDL out that has @tas50's require_relative changes for faster Windows support. Not sure if that's in this weeks workstation release or not, but if it isn't it'll be in the next one.

tball shared

MDL 0.9.0 will be in the hotfix release coming ASAP. has a preview of the updated dependencies if anyone wants to look before we get the release notes generated

Chef Infra Server

prajakta shared

  • Last week we got in a couple of improvements for chef-server with respect to chef-backend.
  • We added new test scenarios to the integration pipeline for testing elasticsearch.
  • We are currently working on a spike for a proof of concept with erlcloud for sig_v4 authentication for s3.
  • We will be making a chef-backend release shortly that will include the change from Oracle Java to Open JDK.

Chef Infra Client

tas50 shared:

  • @jaymzh was added a project reviewer. Glad to have you back
  • @Ryan Davis joined our team full time. This should enable us to get some pretty cool stuff done in the future.
  • We’re continuing to work on getting Chef Infra 16 updated to Ruby 2.7
  • We’ve migrated a large number of internal resources over to unified mode and custom resources. This makes things a lot easier to maintain
  • New Cookstyle release is about to go out with 4 new Chef Infra cops
  • node[‘platform_version’] in Chef Infra 16 will now return a version object so you can easily compare the versions
  • We merged in a new windows_user_privilege resource for Chef Infra 16
  • Oh one more Chef Infra Client update: We’re about to verify builds on RHEL 8 aarch64

Sous Chefs

Xorima shared

We went on a little bit of a releasing spree, with an aim of having no prs over 1 month old open (Unless waiting on contributor response)Cookbook releases:

  • Aptly - 2.0.2
  • WinRM - 3.0.1
  • hashicorp-vault - 4.0.1
  • stuneel - 4.1.0
  • java - 5.0.0
  • openvpn - 5.0.0
  • postgresql - 7.1.8
  • haproxy - 9.0.0
  • grafana 8.4.2

Keep those PRs incomming and we will keep releasing. as normal our weekly meeting will follow this meeting in #sous-chefs

tas50 shared

like @Xorima said: Come chat with us in #sous-chefs . We’re going to outline some plans we have for java cookbook

Other updates

ramereth shared

As always, if you have any questions about these notes or feedback for how they’re being distributed, don’t hesitate to reach out:

See you in next week!

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