Meeting notes for Mar 26, 2020

Below are the notes from this week's meeting


bennyVasquez shared

  • We’ve added a #devrel channel for those of us that are on the Developer Relations team. I did a netflixparty earlier this week during my lunchtime, and will probably do more stuff like that, to help connect us, especially while things are so different and difficult.
  • We’ve been working hard and are ready to formalize a live-streaming program! Join our engineers at every Friday at 11am Pacific US time to get all your Chef questions answered, discuss new and upcoming releases, or just soak up the #cheflove.
  • ICYMI, ChefConf2020 will be a free, global, online event on June 2, 2020. Sign up at to get updates about the news, breakouts, interactive sessions and community connection coming to this year’s event.

This week’s releases


tas50 shared

Automate made their weekly release with version 20200316122114. This includes improved documentation and some nice polish to projects and search.


tas50 shared

Cookstyle 6.0 also shipped with an updated RuboCop engine (0.75 -> 0.80) and 9 new cops. This release includes new cops for breaking changes in Chef Infra Client 16 and also a ton of improvements to detection and correction in existing cops. The major version bump is due to RuboCop renaming a large number of their cops which may require you to update your .rubocop.yml. In addition the whitelist/blacklist terms in RuboCop have been replaced so that may also require updating configs if you use that.

Chef Habitat

tas50 shared:

Last, but not least is Habitat which shipped 1.5.71. This includes a cool new feature that allows you to automatically rollback a service if you demote a package in Builder. Quite fancy.

Other releases

tas50 shared

This morning Windows cookbook 7.0 shipped. This release requires Chef Infra Client 14.7 or later and removes the windows_share and windows_certificate resources that are now built into Chef Infra Client. There’s only a few things left in this cookbook that don’t just work out of the box. If you still have it on your runlists now is the time to see if you actually need it or not.

Other updates


AlexPop Shared

  • We added CIDR filtering to restrict data-feed to certain nodes
  • Merged UI changes to show the Compliance waived controls
  • Released two fixes for the AWS node integration
  • Made improvements to documentation and release notes
  • Updated and added new compliance profiles
  • Continuing with code refactoring and cleanup
  • Released an endpoint ( /cfgmgmt/stats/checkin_counts_timeseries ) to track the daily total and checkin nodes
  • IAM v1 chef-automate admin-token has been deprecated. Please use the IAM v2 to generate iam tokens. In the release after the next one a migration to IAM v2 will happen.
  • Fixed a Compliance ingestion bug that caused ipaddresses to be swapped between nodes.
  • Fixed the Compliance profile counts when filtering by status
  • Fixes and improvements to the resource project updating
  • Made some improvements to the ec2/Vagrantfile test environment

Chef Inspec

Stocksy shared

Not much to report this week. I’m currently walking through @cwolfe ’s new release process documentation to get a release out with the community contributions we’ve committed/approved in the past 2 weeks


sdmacfarlane shared

Greetings from the Habitat team!

  • Builder deployed this week with the updated settings for multi-target Projects
  • Started work updating Builder to async/await
  • Design spike on RBAC - first slice read-only origin memberships
  • Design spike on supervisor cleanup of old versions of packages
  • Working on resolving late-joining permanent peers bug


mparadise shared

The Workstation team has been continuing to work on the new chef analyze capture command which captures a node state for use in a test kitchen environment.

Chef Infra client

tas50 shared


  • We now have aarch64 RHEL 8 packages in current
  • Cron time validation in the cron resource has been improved
  • chef_client_scheduled_task and chef_client_cron resources are merged for managing setting up scheduled Chef Infra Client runs
  • Add a new knife yaml convert tool for converting yaml recipes to ruby
  • Added a new property https_for_ca_consumer to the rhsm_register resource for using https endpoints
  • Added new group / displayname properties and support for multiple profiles to windows_firewall_rule resource
  • Refactored the DNF package provider to resolve a large number of bugs and align it with refactoring work that was done to the YUM provider in Chef 15


  • Adding Ubuntu 20.04 x86 packages
  • Adding Ubuntu 18.04/20.04 aarch64 packages
  • Working on a chef_client_systemd_timer resource
  • Working on some improvements to custom resources

Chef Infra Server

prajakta shared

  • last week we made good progress on aws_sigv4 proof of concept.
  • We are able to get a fix for the error caused due to upgrading to erlang 20 in FIPS mode. There are some failing oc-id tests in the FIPS mode which we are investigating
  • We got started on adding changes to not let reindex failures crash the process immediately.
  • Some improvements to the integration_testing environment.

Sous Chefs

Xorima shared

It's going well, work is progressing on the keepalived cookbook to convert it from HWRPs to Custom Resources.
Plans are afoot for the ChefConf later this year and a few cookbook releases should go out later this week, watch this space

As normal if you are looking to contribute our door is always open in #sous-chefs

Cinc updates

ramereth shared

I started a test branch for Cinc 16 to ensure we catch anything happening in the master branch

I'm taking a deeper look into the workstation build failure on Windows so we can hopefully get some test releases out for that

jgitlin shared

As @BobChaos mentioned I started on a dist const fork of Chef Infra Server 2 weeks ago. I haven't been able to touch it in the past week due to other priorities, but hope to return to work on it next week

Other updates

tas50 shared

Also @Xorima has pointed out that I should mention we’re hiring for multiple engineering and engineering-ish roles right now

See you next week!

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