Net-ssh conflict on chef workstation

My Macbook (chef workstation) bricked this morning and thus had to restore from a backup. When I got it all back up, I had to reinstall Chef DK to get knife commands to work...however when I try to communicate w/ Chef server, say for a simple "knife cookbook list", I get this error

/opt/chefdk/embedded/lib/ruby/site_ruby/2.1.0/rubygems/specification.rb:2285:in `raise_if_conflicts': Unable to activate knife-solo-0.5.1, because net-ssh-3.0.2 conflicts with net-ssh (< 3.0, ~> 2.7) (Gem::ConflictError)

I uninstalled net-ssh 3.0.2 and installed 2.9.2, but still get this error each time. Never happened before so I'm bit lost.

Nevermind, I think i resolved it. I manually installed test-kitchen and it's working

gem install test-kitchen -v

Are you sure that knife is using the chefdk knife? If installing a local
gem (i.e. not a chefdk gem) fixed your problem I’m not sure it is.

Run which knife and have a look at if that is actually a symlink to the
ChefDK knife