New Infra Discourse product categories; posts to `Chef Infra` disabled

Hello, Chef Infra Community, and happy Friday!

For quite some time, there has been an inconsistency between the available categories for posting topics in Discourse and the discussion channels used the Chef Community Slack. Whereas Discourses uses a single category for all Infra-related posts, Slack leverages distinct areas for discussion around each Infra product.

Over the past week, we initiated an integration between the Slack and Discourse platforms in an effort to increase visibility and interaction for topics posted here. However, doing so necessitates a change here on Discourse. We do not want to send multiple notifications of the same topic to multiple Slack channels, where likely only one channel will be relevant for any given post.

In order to enable this change, effective today, new posts to the Chef Infra category are disabled. Existing posts will continue to be visible and replies to them will remain enabled.

In place of this retired category, there are three new Discourse categories: Chef Infra Client, Chef Infra Server, and Chef Workstation. Please post all new topics to the appropriate one of these.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me directly on the Chef Community Slack at @jeffrey.s.strauss.


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