DISCOURSE UPDATE: Splitting Categories for Infra Client, Server, and Workstation

Hello, Chef Infra community!

Last week (Oct. 6-7, 2022), Progress Chef initiated an integration between our Chef Questions Discourse forums and our Chef Community Slack. For other Chef products (e.g., Habitat, InSpec, Automate), all new topics and replies posted are already being pushed as notifications to relevant Slack channels for increased visibility. This is not yet the case for Infra.

Within our Community Slack, there is no single channel for all of Chef Infra. Rather, there are specific Slack channels for the underlying products of Infra Client, Infra Server, and Chef Workstation. We believe the same should be true here in Discourse. This will allow for more granular focus within the Discourse forum, a better experience for integration with Slack, and more relevant content to viewers on both discussion platforms.

The plan is to disable NEW topics from being posted under the Chef Infra category simultaneously with the creation of three new categories. Existing posts will continue to be viewable for reading and replies.

Prior to enacting the change later this week, I want to put it out to the community to offer any substantial concerns or considerations that you'd like us to account for while making this change. You can reply publicly here to this post or DM me over in the Chef Community Slack.

Jeff Strauss