New releases of chef-vault and aws cookbooks

Ohai Chefs!

I’ve released new versions these cookbooks

  • chef-vault 1.2.5
  • aws 2.6.5

These address compile time warnings with the chef_gem resource. For more
information about the changes I wrote a blog post about it0. While
composing, Seth Vargo released a new version of chef-sugar that changes its
compile_time method to at_compile_time. Thanks Seth!

However, since chef-sugar is updated, we’re not planning to make the
compile_time conditional that checks instance_methods as written in the
post (and used in these two cookbooks). Instead, since it may be more of an
edge case, please upgrade your chef-sugar cookbook/gem to 3.0.1 where
you’re using Chef 11. We will plan to update cookbooks that have chef_gem
resources to detect compile_time being present, using a more simple (and
hopefully easier to read) method (pun intended :-)).