Ohai 8.23.0 Released

Ohai 8.23.0 has been pushed to Rubygems and will ship as part of Chef 12.19 next month. This release will also be the last release of the 8.X series, with work now focusing on Ohai 13, which will ship with Chef 13 in April.

What’s new

Cumulus Linux Platform

Cumulus Linux will now be detected as platform cumulus instead of debian and the platform_version will be properly set to the Cumulus Linux release.

Virtualization Detection

Windows / Linux / BSD guests running on the Veertu hypervisors will now be detected

Windows guests running on Xen and Hyper-V hypervisors will now be detected

New Sysconf Plugin

A new plugin parses the output of the sysconf command to provide information on the underlying system.

AWS Account ID

The EC2 plugin now fetches the AWS Account ID in addition to previous instance metadata

GCC Detection

GCC detection has been improved to collect additional information, and to not prompt for the installation of Xcode on macOS systems