Ohai 8.22.0 Released

Ohai 8.22.0 has been released to Rubygems and will be included with the next version of the Chef omnibus package. Here’s what’s new:

Implemented enhancements:

  • Detect the global zone of a Solaris system as a virt host even without guests #908 (numericillustration)
  • Add new haskell language plugin #902 (cdituri)
  • Better handle errors in fetching the hostname on darwin (macOS) systems #884 (erikng)
  • Prefer lsb_release tool to /etc/lsb-release data #873 (kylev)
  • Extend set_attribute plugin helper method to set sub-attributes. #822 (mcquin)

Fixed bugs:

  • Rework / fix logic in the joyent plugin and improve specs #909 (tas50)
  • Avoid ip_scopes returning tunl/docker interfaces as privateaddress #890 (n-marton)