Open Source Chef Server 11.1.0 Release

Hello Chefs,

We're happy to announce the release of the Open Source Chef Server 11.1.0.

Full details are on the blog:

MVPs for this release are Jesse Nelson
and Philip Hutchins for their help
tracking down and helping others work around CHEF-3921 Many thanks to both of them.

The release can be downloaded from the install

Highlights include:

IPv6 support
Introduction of the chef-server-ctl upgrade command to make upgrading
the server easier
Proxy/Firewall support for cookbook storage
An update of the depsolver to once again have it use Gecode, fixing
depsolving issues that were seen by many
fixed in the WebUI by updated to Rails 3.2.18
Many other bug fixes.

Directions on using the new chef-server-ctl upgrade command can be found

Release notes are here:

A full changelog is here:


Mark Mzyk