Policy_group and Environments

Is it possible to apply multiple run-lists to nodes where one is defined in the policy_group and another from an environment? And if so, what’s the order that the run-lists get processed?

We have a need to apply a common run-list across all nodes in an org AND a unique run-list on sub-sets of nodes. Are there examples of how this could be accomplished?

This is not possible with policies. In fact you can’t use roles or environments at all with policies, attempting to do so with either be ignored or be a fatal error. With policies, you could use the named run list system for this but the specifics would depend on what kind of things you need to do.

Ok, so if I can only use a single policy (let’s say it has the common run-list associated with the policy_group), can I have a different run-list added on from an environment or role?