Preparation for the 0.56.0 Supervisor Release

Hey everyone… we’re gonna be rolling out a big update to the Supervisor soon, and wanted to give you all a heads-up on what to expect. Please check out and let us know if you’ve got any questions, either here in the forums or in the Habitat Slack

Thanks for using Habitat!


How do you configure a supervisor to automatically update?

@chrisortman You should be able to pass a flag to hab sup run to tell it to auto-update:

hab sup run --auto-update

The CLI docs have some additional details as well.

Thank you! If I choose to not auto-update and instead do it manually as part of a chef run, I think that re-running the curl bash does not necessarily upgrade the supervisor right then and there, but it does install a new client binary and if I were to restart my supervisor process and then hab sup run again it will install the new version because of the version number that is in the hab client binary?

Also, if I would have had this auto-update setting turned on, would all my supervisors on RHEL 6 systems have died when 0.57 came out?

You are correct. Chef would need to restart the supervisor after invoking the curl bash. Because the curl bash gets the binary from bintray, you would have gotten the 0.57.0 supervisor released a couple weeks ago and not an updated one from the plans refresh.