Rake db:migrate failing on deploy resource


i am struggling with bundle exec rake db:migrate (value of
migration_command attribute in deploy resource) . This command fails with a
return value 1. And without any further output or error messages. Also, if
i try the same manually from the current release directory it works. Also ,
i have tried with --trace and -v , still no output. Even further i tried
running /bin/echo ‘hello’ as a migration command and that too fails. I
think somehow the migration_command is not able to execute (irrespective of
the command) anything.

Any idea what is going wrong? following is the deploy resource:

deploy_revision deploy_dir do
repo node[:app][:repo]
revision node[:app][:revision]
enable_submodules false
user deploy_user
group deploy_user
migrate true
migration_command "bundle exec rake db:migrate v"
environment({‘RAILS_ENV’ =>
node.chef_environment,‘SOME_OTHER_VARIABLE’=>xxx })
shallow_clone true
action :deploy
symlink_before_migrate “config/database.yml” => "config/database.yml"
before_migrate do
current_release = release_path
execute "bundle install " do
cwd current_release
before_symlink do
execute “bundle exec rake assets:precompile” do
cwd current_release