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This is the root cause of my problem. I uploaded the nodes attribute file with the next version to run which wipes out the fqdn so when I try to run by role it doesn’t work, but if I run winrm by passing a -m and telling it the server to run on and then try winrm with the role it works. What am I missing in my work flow?

Here is my current workflow:
New version of the software is built
Each node has an attribute file which includes the version to deploy
The version is changed to the new version of the software and the file is uploaded to chef
Deploy new versions to multiple servers using their role and environment (this doesn’t work because the upload of the node file wiped out the fqdn information)


I can confirm that the FQDNs are not set. How do I do that?


They both get three hits but winrm returns saying no nodes returned from search. Why doesn’t winrm think there are nodes when chef-expander is returning three hits?

Can you confirm that these nodes have the fqdn attribute set (using knife node show)?