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How can I get Ohai to set the fqdn without doing a chef client run? I want to upload the nodes to chef and then do a chef client run against the role/environment that the nodes are set to. But I can't do this without doing at least on chef client run to set the fqdn. How have people gotten around this? Do I need the recipe to put a file down and if that file is found do the full recipe and if it is not do nothing so the fqdn gets set by Ohai?

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On Mon, Apr 2, 2012 at 8:51 AM, Soula, William wrote:

I can confirm that the FQDNs are not set. How do I do that?

That explains why knife winrm is reporting no results. (see Typically the fqdn
should be set by Ohai during the Chef client run.


They both get three hits but winrm returns saying no nodes returned from
search. Why doesn't winrm think there are nodes when chef-expander is
returning three hits?

Can you confirm that these nodes have the fqdn attribute set (using knife
node show)?