Reaffirming the Habitat Community Guidelines

For some of us in the Habitat community the roller-coaster ride of 2016 took a big dip when we woke up this morning to the results of one of the most divisive elections in recent history.

It was a long and painful campaign process for everyone without a doubt. So today as we’re inevitably reflecting on the campaign and its results I’d like us to make sure we take into account the feelings of the people around us and just what the Habitat community needs to “be about”.

I personally take a great degree of peace from knowing that our Community Code of Conduct is a real reflection of what we believe and what we’re striving for and as such I’d like us to revisit the content of that and reaffirm some of the things we believe:

  • Diversity is one of our biggest strengths.
  • We are welcoming, inclusive, friendly, and patient.
  • We are considerate.
  • We are respectful.
  • We are professional.
  • We are careful in the words that we choose.
  • When we disagree, we all work together to understand why.

To borrow from the philosphy of ubuntu that some of you have seen in the Chef Community:

YOU are welcome here.
I am because you are.
When you suffer, I suffer.
When you thrive, I thrive.

As you go through your day today, take comfort in knowing we are here for each other, we look out for one another and protect each other and should you need any help, feel no fear about reaching out.

Thank you for making the Habitat community an inclusive, safe, welcoming space for everyone who participates.


Ian Henry
Habitat Technical Community Advocate


First bit of news and happiness I’ve had all day. Thank you and I am so glad we have each other. Hope this will become the norm in my lifetime.