Receiving error 500 on origin delete

Greetings habi-taters (insert spud emoji here),

I’m attempting to troubleshoot an issue I’m encountering with the hab executable and an origin on When executing hab origin delete {origin-name} I receive the following:

(hab origin delete is a new feature implemented in 0.79.0)

☒ Deleting origin {origin-name}.
✗✗✗ [500 Internal Server Error]

The origin is empty of all content (save for the record of previous builds). I have since been able to create a new origin under my account and delete it successfully with the same hab origin delete {origin-name} command. I’ve considered creating an issue at but am posting here first.

Any tips, hints, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for the report! Opening an issue on the builder repo would be great so we can get it into the backlog for a fix (we should not be returning error 500). If you could include the specific sequence of steps to repro the problem that would be very helpful as well!

Thanks salam,

I’ve created the following bug report:


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