Released knife-windows 1.6.0

This week we released knife-windows 1.6.0 which includes many fixes, an upgrade to winrm v2 and a new --winrm-shell argument you can pass to knife winrm. The changelog can be found here. Among the more significant fixes are:

  • knife bootstrap windows ssh should now work
  • Some issues running winrm on Windows 2008 are now resolved

With the new --winrm-shell argument, you can pass cmd, powershell, or elevated. The default shell is cmd for backwards compatibility. Using the elevated shell builds on the powershell shell and will forward powershell commands through a scheduled task. This will allow you to invoke chef-client runs that you would not have been able to run remotely before if they interacted with windows update or included the installation of sql server, a .net framework or other scenarios.