Released Test-Kitchen 1.13.0

Earlier today we released Test-Kitchen 1.13.0 and is scheduled for next week’s chef-dk release. It includes the following enhancements:

  • kitchen status aliases to kitchen list
  • Added a kitchen package command to the base driver. This is not implemented but allows driver authors the opportunity to create their own package implementation
  • Support the usage of chef provisioners on Windows nano

Note that the third item here is largely coming from enhancements to the mixlib-install gem. It is now compatible with .NET core and installing chef from an appx package. Nano does not support the msi packaging system.

While omnitruck is not currently serving appx packages, you can use the install_msi_url setting to provide an explicit appx package, You can find the latest chef client on S3 storage so a provisioner block would look like:

  name: chef_zero

As an example, I have a packer template that creates nano vagrant boxes here and I store it on atlas as mwrock/WindowsNano.

So my driver .kitchen.yml looks like:

  name: vagrant

  name: chef_zero

- name: windows-nano
    box: mwrock/WindowsNano

Do note that many cookbooks and some chef resources are not compatible with Windows Nano. This can be the fault of:

  • Chef and over time we will add compatibility to resources
  • Third party software you are trying to install that is not compatible with nano
  • Missing APIs on nano that are not slated for support. For example as stated above, MSIs are not planned for support on nano.

Please let us know if you see any problems with this new release and enjoy!