Windows Nano Server Package

Since Windows Nano Server doesn’t work with MSI’s when does Chef intend to ship an appx or equivalent installation method. I’ve used to old package posted by Matt Wrock as a stop gap but would prefer to start using omnitruck and getting something less than a year old on my builds.

More or less I’m curious if there is some timeframe for when these builds would be available.

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Same issue here, the appx that Matt had uploaded isnt working anymore due to certificate being expired (default for appx packages is 1 year). Can anyone speak to the release timeline? Is it gonna be available Q3/Q4 2017?

Hi @prajaktk (and others)

If you’ve been following the story so far, you’ll know that the future of Nano Server is that it will only be a container base OS image, and not include PowerShell, .NET Core, WMI or any sort of servicing stack. As a result it is fair to say we will be re-evaluating our approach to Nano support.

At this time there are no new builds of Chef packaged into an APPX that target that platform.

Have a read of if that news about Nano Server was new to you and feel free to join the discussion in the #windows channel in our Chef Community Slack to tell us what your use cases are in a Nano container world.

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