Test-Kitchen 1.14.0 Released

v1.14.0 (2016-11-22)

Full Changelog

Implemented enhancements:

  • Test Kitchen should use omnitruck’s -d option by default #809

Closed issues:

  • Kitchen converge fails, doesn’t install omnibus, [[WinRM::FS::Core::FileTransporter] Upload failed #1150
  • Re-Enable Code Climate #1146
  • kitchen + berkshelf don’t work together with the latest versions of gems #1144
  • Vagrant drivers brings up virtualbox machine with ‘cable connected’ disabled option #1143
  • kitchen converge throws Berkshelf::LockfileNotFound on Windows #1140
  • Inspect tests is an empty value when using the kitchen_ec2 driver #1136
  • kitchen test or verify with --parallel option fails #1125

Merged pull requests:

  • Added cache interface for Drivers so that provisioners can leverage #1149 (afiune)
  • Ensure that we only berks update with a lockfile #1145 (thommay)
  • Added last\_error and --json to kitchen list #1135 (BackSlasher)
  • Allow the user to make deprecations errors #1117 (thommay)