Released Test-Kitchen 1.7.0

We just released Test-Kitchen 1.7.0 to rubygems. If you run Test-Kitchen via bundle exec then you should be able to get the updated version simply by updating your Gemfile. If you, like many, consume Test-Kitchen as part of a Chef-DK package, you can update the embedded Test-Kitchen by following these instructions here.

The next Chef-DK will include this version and if you should even be able to get it fairly soon from the chefdk current channel.

The list of new bugs and features here is short but very sweet. Here are the highlights:

  • Finally, better control of the log_level from the provisioner config! See this PR for implementation details.
  • Leveraging the newly released mixlib-install 1.0.2 for handling the installation of chef in the chef provisioners. See this readme for all the config setting options available
  • Fix encrypted data bag uploads on Windows

For a complete list of changes, please check out the Test-Kitchen changelog.