Updating to Test-Kitchen 1.6.0 in a chefdk 0.11.2 or lesser

Some may have seen Adam Leff’s announcement this week that a new Version of Test-Kitchen (v1.6.0) was released. However you may also wonder how to get and run that version if you are running ChefDK that shipped with v1.5.0. You may have tried chef gem install test-kitchen and although seeing it installed, kitchen commands continue to invoke 1.5.0.

Well here is how to do it:

chef gem install appbundle-updater
appbundle-updater chefdk test-kitchen v1.6.0

The appbundle-updater gem can update a “appbundled” gem in a chef or chefdk omnibus install and reference a specific git branch, tag or sha. The above uses it to pull down the v1.6.0 tag of the test-kitchen repo and then propperly pins that inside an existing chefdk installation.

I just learned about this this week (thanks Thom May) and thought others who do not know about it might find it helpful.