Released: Test Kitchen 1.3.0

Heya Chefs!

Happy Thursday, Test Kitchen 1.3.0 is out the door. It is currently available on RubyGems and soon to be included in the next ChefDK release (stay tuned).

More more detail, you can take a peek at the release notes here:

Here’s a copy of the changelog (also available at


Upstream changes

  • Pull request #558, pull request #557: Update omnibus download URL to (@scarolan)
  • Pull request #531, pull request #521: Update mixlib-shellout dependency to be greater or equal to 1.2 and less than 3.0. (@lamont-granquist)

Bug fixes

  • Pull request #555, issue #524, issue #343: (Breaking) Correct global YAML merge order to lowest (from highest).
  • Pull request #416: Use Gem::GemRunner to install drivers with kitchen init generator (addresses opscode/chef-dk#20). (@mcquin)
  • Pull request #399: Sleep before retrying SSH#establish_connection. (@fnichol)
  • Pull request #527: Rescue SSH authentication failures to use retry/timeout connection logic. (@chrishenry)
  • Pull request #363: Ensure that integer chef config attributes get placed in solo.rb/client.rb properly. (@benlangfeld, @sethvargo)
  • Pull request #431: Check for zero byte state files. (@rhass)
  • Pull request #554, pull request #543: Replace / with - in Instance names, allowing instance names to be used as server hostnames in most cases. (@grubernaut, @fnichol)

New features

  • Pull request #373: Add new subcommand ‘exec’. (@sawanoboly)
  • Pull request #397: Introduce the :chef_zero_port config attribute to the chef_zero provisioner. (@jtgiri)
  • Pull request #381, pull request #456: Add configurable defaults for chef-solo, chef-client, and chef omnibus paths. (@sethvargo, @robcoward, @fnichol)
  • Pull request #489: Introduce the :chef_omnibus_install_options config attribute to be able to pass additional arguments to the Chef installer script. (@ringods)
  • Pull request #549: Introduce the :chef_zero_host config attribute to the chef_zero provisioner. (@jochenseeber)
  • Pull request #454: Customize :ssh_timeout and :ssh_retries. (@ekrupnik)
  • Pull request #510, issue #166: Add support for site-cookbooks when using Librarian. (@jstriebel)


  • Pull request #427: Backfilling spec coverage and refactoring: technical debt edition. Epically huge, finally complete. (@fnichol)
  • Pull request #478, issue #433, issue #352: Buffer Logger output & fix Chef run output formatting. (@fnichol)
  • Pull request #481: Disable color output when no TTY is present. (@fnichol)
  • Pull request #526, pull request #462, issue #375: Die on kitchen login if instance is not created. (@daniellockard, @fnichol)
  • Pull request #504: Fix 2 tests in SSHBase to reflect their intent. (@jgoldschrafe)
  • Pull request #450: Update help description for CLI subcommands. (@MarkGibbons)
  • Pull request #477: Bump ‘kitchen help’ into new Usage section in README and add how to use “-l”. (@curiositycasualty)
  • Pull request #567: Pass the template filename down to Erb for FILE et al. (@coderanger)
  • Pull request #498: Fix doc comment in (@jaimegildesagredo)
  • Pull request #507: Clarify comments in configuration loader. (@martinb3)
  • Pull request #366: Fix glaring “Transfering” -> “Transferring” typo. (@srenatus)
  • Pull request #457: Fix “confiuration” -> “configuration” typo in README. (@michaelkirk)
  • Pull request #370: Use Ruby 2.1 instead of 2.1.0 for CI. (@justincampbell)

Heads up

  • Drop Ruby 1.9.2 from TravisCI build matrix (support for Ruby 1.9.2 will be a “best effort”). (@fnichol)


Enjoy your converging!