Running my own depot

I’m trying to run my own depot, but I have a few problems. Is there any guide (or even some draft) on how to do this properly?

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We don’t have a guide yet, but we’re working on it. Check out [0] and [1] for more info.

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It’s only meant for running in development, and doesn’t include the web app, but you can try running make api-shell:

Might be worth a try just to experiment.

I actually tried this before:

  • Started the hab-depot component successfully (with redis), but didn’t know how to create an origin or authenticate myself.
  • I then Started the hab-builder-api, configuring my github’s client_key and secret_key for it. For some reason, the builder-api component starts the builder-web one, I’m not sure if it’s intentional or not, but it doesn’t pass the client_key configuration to the builder-web component, so signing in didn’t work.
  • I tried to run builder-web manually from the repository (using ruby), but this failed too, perhaps I wasn’t using the correct git tag.
  • I then saw the api-shell target in the Makefile, but it failed on me for some reason as well, so I gave up and decided to ask here.

My main issue was that I was getting “Forbidden” responses from the depot. Now that I know about --insecure flag, I will probably use it. If I don’t use the secure flag, is there a way to authenticate myself (or register) or setup an origin through the depot’s API? I didn’t find the correct path in hab-depot/, but again, maybe I was missing something. I’ll give it a go again with api-shell.


Check out

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