Shef fails to run if I use a run_action

I’ve found a need to use run_action in one of my cookbook recipes to ensure
that a particular file is created before chef moves on. It seems this
breaks the ability to use shef, which sucks, because I use it all of the
time for debugging, etc.

This is the code that shef error out on.

e = template “/etc/sysconfig/exlsysteminfo” do

source “exlsysteminfo.erb”

mode “0644”

action :nothing


        :cnames *=>* `host #{node*.*ipaddress} | grep -v 'NXDOMAIN' |

awk ‘{print $5}’`*.*split




I have a gist of this code and error messages from shef versions 0.9.12,
0.9.14, 0.9.16. I noticed 0.9.12 has a more informative error message than
newer releases and helped me track the problem down to this section of code.

Here is the gist:

Any idea what I can do to get shef to work again?

John Alberts