[Suggestion] `plan_url` or similar to facilitate easy and standardized linking to github/etc project


There’s a variable for Upstream URL and Source URL, what I think is missing is a link to the source of the plan. In the case of core plans, it’s been extremely useful to look at the way the hooks are written and I don’t always want to install a package just to see the hooks. For non-core plans, MANY of the plans have good READMEs that give more details as to how to use the “compiled” package, but sometimes finding it isn’t easy… I’d argue that your github project for the plan isn’t really an “Upstream URL” , since to me “Upstream” implies the “parent” project. E.g.: if I were to make a chef-client plan, upstream is chef.io, not my github project.

To take a page out of Supermarket, cookbooks tend to have a source URL for cookbooks on Supermarket. I think we should at least have the option of including the "Plan source URL " even if it’s not “enforced”, i.e.: if you don’t have a public source you shouldn’t be penalized for not linking your plan source, but if you do, let’s make it easy for users of packages to find the source.

Also, taking from Supermarket, I like the idea of a short/long description, even if the “long description” is really just slurping in the README (that’s what we do with cookbooks in our private supermarket).

I’ve been adding a link to my github project in the description, but it’s just not a great solution.


Those are all good suggestions to improve the usability of plans (and Builder). I thought that similar suggestions had been raised in the past, but can’t seem to find any issues. Would you mind creating a new issue for this?