Supermarket 2.7.4 released!

Supermarket 2.7.4 was released yesterday. Because it has been a while since the previous release announcement for Supermarket, I’ll highlight a few changes in the 2.7 series:


  • Fieri Baked In : Fieri—the cookbook criticizer that currently produces FoodCritic results in Supermarket—is now a component included in the Supermarket install. No longer must you deploy and run Fieri from a separate node. This will provide the underpinning for the cookbook quality metrics features being worked. Documentation is being written on how to configure Fieri in its new home.
  • Air Gap : A configuration flag has been added to turn off calls to 3rd party sites (e.g. CDNs for fonts, Google Analytics) to help Supermarket behave better on networks with strict outgoing rules.


  • When transferring ownership of a cookbook, there is an option for the current owner to grant themself collaboration privileges so that the new owner does not have to re-add them after transfer.
  • Confirmation step added to putting a cookbook up for adoption so no cookbooks are unintentionally sent to an orphanage.

Security Updates:

  • OpenSSL upgraded to 1.0.1t
  • Nokogiri upgraded to 1.6.8

For more details about the changes in this and other releases, see the Supermarket changelog.

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