Supermarket 2.8.43 released

Supermarket 2.8.43 was released today and is available for download at


  • Admin-Only Quality Metrics: In the effort to add new quality metrics to the system, metrics can now be flagged as only visible to Supermarket admins. As metrics are added and tested, they will start as admin-only. Toggling involves console commands as of this release and will become easier as this feature gets fleshed out!
  • New Quality Metrics (set to admin-only by default):
    • QM001: Cookbook is published to the Supermarket and not deprecated or up for adoption.
    • QM003: Cookbook released under a recognized open source license.
  • Upgraded Fieri’s Foodcritic to v8.1.0+


  • Set default configuration for Foodcritic metric to match that declared by QM009


  • Clarify contributing instructions around the Developer’s Certificate of Origin
  • Add a code of conduct, referencing the Chef Community Guidelines