Supermarket 2.8.15 released

Supermarket 2.8.15 was released this week.


  • Fix for an infinite redirect from the Supermarket site when uppercase characters appear in the FQDN - Appeared when no fqdn was given and the install defaulted to the node’s hostname which was mixed case.
  • Address deprecation warnings by changing node.set to node.normal in cookbooks

This release of Supermarket is first now built in a Chef Automate pipeline! Note that this means version numbering follows BUILD versioning as described in the Chef Release Process. We’re still working out what the changelog will look like in this new process, but at a minimum builds that have been promoted to releases will have their tags promoted to release records on the Supermarket GitHub repo. The release records will have an annotation collecting changelog-style entries for all the changes since the previous release. See Release 2.8.15 for an example.