Supermarket 2.8.2 released

Supermarket 2.8.2 was released yesterday. Several bug fixes in 2.8.2 and 2.8.1 are summarized below.

  • Supermarket will email followers of a cookbook put up for adoption to increase the visibility of the adoption request to those who are most interested.
  • Fixed adding the current owner to a cookbook’s collaborators when an admin initiates a transfer of ownership.
  • Omnibus install:
    • supports Ubuntu 16.04 and service start up with systemd
    • FQDN/HOST - the fully-qualified domain name resolvable by end-users and the Chef Server associated with a Supermarket is no longer required to be set in both FQDN and HOST; only FQDN is required now
    • ensures non-default logging directory is created
    • performs database migration correctly when no HOME is set during a chef-client run

For more details about the changes in this and other releases, see the Supermarket changelog.