Supermarket 2.9.15 Release

Supermarket 2.9.15 was released today and is available for download at


  • New Quality Metrics that check a cookbook’s GitHub repository (if present):
    • QM011 - cookbook includes instructions on how to contribute (CONTRIBUTING
    • QM013 - cookbook includes instructions on how to test (TESTING document)
  • Rerun Quality Metrics with supermarket-ctl commands added. A sysadmin/operator can re-run quality metrics on the latest versions of all cookbooks, on the latest version of a single cookbook, or on a specific version of a single cookbook.
  • Optional Dedicated Redis for Jobs Provide an optional configuration item
    ['supermarket']['redis_jobq_url'] to specify a Redis connection URL specific
    to handling the background job queue. This allows a Supermarket to separate job
    processing needs from operations that affect request response times like caching
    and feature flag checks.


  • Remove duplicate quality metric results produced by re-runs.
  • Reliably disable the Datadog application metrics tracer. No more log spam!