Sysctl cookbook v1.0.0 released

Hi everyone,

another month another major release of a sous-chefs cookbook.

This months release is the sysctl cookbook. As with all major cookbook releases we recommend pinning your cookbook dependencies until you have tested this in your infrastructure.

Major Changes

  • Remove mentions of attributes
  • sysctl_param now doesn’t use attributes
  • update ohai to 5+ to remove compat_resource dependency

Behaviour Changes

  • Always ignore error when getting a key, that way the error is vomited back into the Chef run if there is one.
  • Now use sysctl -p to set attributes This mean we can set/unset sysctl_param in one run.
  • Fix reload resource for systemd
  • No longer require recipes:default to be added to persist a parameter

A full description on usage can be found in the README
Happy Cheffing!