Systemd cookbook v1.0.0 fresh out the oven!

Ohai Chefs!

I’m super happy to announce that exactly 4 months and 400 commits (how’s that for serendipity) after initially being kicked off, the systemd cookbook 1 has finally reached version 1.0! If you’ve been waiting for development to stabilize to take it for a test-drive, now’s the time!

While declaring something ‘production ready’ is always a bit of an arbitrary statement, I can say that we’ve been using it successfully internally at $JOB for the duration, so I’m pretty confident it won’t break your toys, though as always, be sure to test well before deploying.

Along that line, we’d love to get some feedback as to how it can better meet the community’s needs, so if you’re using it and run into trouble or have a request, or would like to but can’t for some reason, feel free to open an issue and we’ll see what we can do! :smile:

I’d also be remiss not to extend huge thanks to Ranjib Dey and Steven Danna, the co-maintainers, for all the help and guidance along the way, their expert advice has been very welcome.


Nathan W

Excellent. I love seeing more resource based cookbooks!

Great work Nathan!

lots of hugs dude. i have been using this on ubuntu 15.04 based raspberry pi cluster. and its working like a charm. given now both ubuntu and rel is systemd based (well debian and arch as well) we hope to see lot more uses of this cookbook.
great work, beer will be on me in next summit :slight_smile: