Systemd & kitchen-docker status

I'm a bit jarred by

Does kitchen-docker not support systemd?!!?!

I also quickly tried kitchen-dokken and that also didn't work. :confused:

This isn’t really the place to file kitchen-docker bugs, but it supports systemd about as well as anything in docker-land does. Meaning you need to craft a very specific and bespoke Dockerfile to make it willing to start :slight_smile: You’ll find some examples of this strewn around the internet but it is neither recommended nor what I would consider stable on the upstream side. As I said in that ticket, the best approach is to use something with flexible providers like poise-service. Fortunately for you the monit cookbook already does this, add the following to your Kitchen config and it will work just fine:

  name: whatever_you_are_using
      provider: dummy

Thank you for your response.

I don’t quite understand what poise service does. Just skip over the monit service calls?

Since Docker is supposed to be one service, I wonder if there is a systemd based driver using machinectl.