Terraform Examples?

I am starting to build a growing library of terraform examples for launching out multi-tiered applications with Habitat. Are others in the community interested in sharing/contributing? If so, any thoughts about where to host these examples?

@nellshamrell I’d love to hear your thoughts here.

Seems like a dope Idea. A while back we discussed an idea of starting a repo where people could share examples of things like this. Does that seem like a good solution?

It seems like a great solution to me @eeyun. Right now we have the national-parks demo within the habitat-sh org, and it has some terraform examples. Are you thinking of another repo under habitat-sh?

Yeah I had kind of thought it might be cool to have some stuff thats broken out by platform or operation. I don’t know whether it would be more useful to have like: Provisioning examples { terraform, kubernetes, cftemplate, etc } or if it would be better to have like Platform examples { Go, Java, Ruby, Etc. } with a smattering of different deployment types in there. Have any thoughts?

I don’t have a strong opinion about the organization or the content. I just want to start sharing and see what other people commit back. Right now my content is organized by the service I am packaging along with a terraform folder in the repo.