Terraform Habitat Provisioner's Service channel arguement not pulling in new pkg's with subsribed channel tag (SOLVED)

I was wondering if anyone could answer a question I had about the promotion of channels, in conjunction with the at-once update strategy. I have an ec2 instance built by terraform that is installing our own private habitat pkg using a terraform provisioner, where under services, we specify the service channel to listen to is a 1 to 1 match with the terraform workspace that was used to build the instance. I.e if the terraform build is ran within the development workspace or (environment) the channel flag of the habitat provisioner service would be set to "development." In my experience, whenever I build a new package locally and upload it to the bldr site with the option:

--channel development

it will be pulled into the running service on the ec2, installed, and loaded. However, if the package was already uploaded to the bldr site, and Instead I use hab pkg promote /origin/pkg/etc/etc development, the pkg will not automatically be pulled into the running service, will not be installed, and will not be loaded. Any thoughts?

This problem was solved by adding the "url" argument to the provisioner service, and providing the url of our remote origin project url.