Test Kitchen 1.0.0.alpha.5 Released


Howdy Chefs!

It’s been a few days since the last alpha release so I thought I’d ship a new gem release.

The changelog with what’s new/different is here:


What I suspect you’ll notice off the bat is that the exception logging output has changed a bit. This is a first cut at cleaning up this part of the CLI–it was never intended to stay so “raw”.

Additionally I’ve swapped out the Kitchen Busser (kb) testing framework which was shell based to the Busser gem which is Ruby based. Ideally there shouldn’t be any noticeable difference unless you are a test runner plugin author (and I think I know all of them to date).

Any new issues, please feel free to submit them to: https://github.com/opscode/test-kitchen/issues

If you’re attending ChefConf this week, be sure to say hi!

Thanks all,

Fletcher Nichol