Test Kitchen v1.6.0 released


We’re pleased to announce that Test Kitchen v1.6.0 has been released and is now available via RubyGems.

The changelog has all the details, but some notable changes in this release include:

  • Much-improved Windows support thanks to updated winrm and winrm-fs gems
  • Fix to allow kitchen-inspec to work with instance using legacy SSH drivers
  • Fix to allow Test Kitchen to succeed on Windows nodes using the default execution policy
  • Test Kitchen will properly use powershell on Windows nodes when the transport is set to WinRM without requiring the user to name the instance in a particular way
  • Introduced a new “chef-apply” provisioner

For all you ChefDK users, we expect v1.6.0 of Test Kitchen will be available in the next release of the ChefDK.

Please file a GitHub issue if you experience any problems.

Thank you!
The Test Kitchen Team