Unable to load Chef automate on browser

I am running my automate setup through habitat , the issue i am getting is that all the habitat commands are running in the terminal but i am unable to run a2-dev.test on browser although i have added the IP( localhost a2-dev.test) in /etc/hosts. file, Can someone tell why is this happening

Few questions:
Are you running Automate inside Hab Studio?
Have you checked if all the services are running?
Have you tried hitting https://a2-dev.test? Http redirection may not work properly.

Also do note the recommended way of installing automate is documented here:

  1. Yes the automate is runnning inside Hab studio
  2. All the services are running correctly, After typing start_all_services command , i am getting the output of (Created user admin) which is working fine.
  3. I am not able to load [https://a2-dev.test] - this is the only issue i am facing

Can someone help me with this issue?

are you able to ping a2-dev.test from your command line?

yes i am able to ping it from command line but not able to load the UI on browser


Can you check that the config.toml contains the public DNS as the FQDN

fqdn = ''a2-dev.test'' is added in confiq.toml file.