Updated knife cloud plugins

I just pushed updated versions of knife-ec2 (0.5.8), knife-rackspace (0.5.12) and knife-eucalyptus (0.5.4). A new version of knife-openstack (0.5.6) will be released tomorrow after some brief testing against an OpenStack instance.

In addition to the normal bug fixes and improvements all plugins are now compatible with Chef 0.10.4 (there was a net-ssh-multi version conflict).

Full release notes below.


Opscode, Inc.
Seth Chisamore, Software Design Engineer
IRC, Skype, Twitter, Github: schisamo

Release Notes - Knife EC2 Plugin - Version 0.5.8

** Bug

  • [KNIFE_EC2-2] - test_tcp_ssh method in ec2_server_create.rb should test server.dns_name instead of server.public_ip_address
  • [KNIFE_EC2-7] - knife ec2 does not support --sudo flag
  • [KNIFE_EC2-12] - knife ec2 server create does not use --ssh-key command line option
  • [KNIFE_EC2-14] - knife.aws_ssh_key_id should be optional and knife should respect command line key argument
  • [KNIFE_EC2-15] - knife-ec2 incompatible with fog 0.8 but uses 0.8 when it’s installed (which leads to incorrect result).
  • [KNIFE_EC2-16] - ec2_server_create.rb does not honor knife[:use_sudo]
  • [KNIFE_EC2-17] - knife ec2 server delete fails when --region eu-west-1 flag is omitted, rather than providing an exception
  • [KNIFE_EC2-25] - :availability_zone argument is not correctly assigned to server_def when creating instances
  • [KNIFE_EC2-33] - Required version of net-ssh-multi conflicts with chef 0.10.4

** Improvement

  • [KNIFE_EC2-3] - Add --user-data to knife ec2 server create
  • [KNIFE_EC2-10] - knife ec2 server create error message is confusing
  • [KNIFE_EC2-29] - Bad error message if knife.rb lacks AWS-related settings

Release Notes - Knife Rackspace Plugin - Version 0.5.12

** Bug

  • [KNIFE_RACKSPACE-18] - knife net-ssh-multi conflict (rackspace plugin)

Release Notes - Knife Eucalyptus Plugin - Version 0.5.4

** Bug

  • Required version of net-ssh-multi conflicts with chef 0.10.4

** Improvement