Knife-ec2 0.6.0 released


Ohai Chefs,

We have released knife-ec2 0.6.0. This release has a number of exciting
features, including:

  • Support for ebs-optimized instances,
  • Support for SSH tunneling to VPC instance, and
  • Support for specifying ephemeral block devices.

A big thanks to the contributors for this release:

Jim Croft
Jon T Gretarsson
Thomas Dudziak
Winfield Peterson
Zuhaib M Siddique

In addition to the committers above, special thanks to the many people
who commented on JIRA tickets and pull requests.



=== Changelog ===


[KNIFE_EC2-9] - knife ec2 server create not possible for eu-west-1 AMIs
[KNIFE_EC2-80] - Mixlib/CLI is overwriting values defined in

knife.rb with DEFAULT values


[KNIFE_EC2-28] - knife ec2 should support specifying ephemeral block

devices when creating a server
[KNIFE_EC2-42] - knife ec2 server create should allow using the
internal ip address of ec2 hosts.
[KNIFE_EC2-78] - Add AWS tag support to ‘knife ec2 server list’
[KNIFE_EC2-79] - Add support for --ebs-optimized

New Feature

[KNIFE_EC2-59] - Use the Ohai hint system on instance creation
[KNIFE_EC2-69] - Adding ssh_gateway support for tunneling in VPCs
[KNIFE_EC2-83] - Add SSH gateway and custom connection attribute

support for knife ec2 server create

Steven Danna
Systems Engineer, Opscode, Inc
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