Uploading attribute files


Not sure why files under my Attributes directory do not get uploaded. I can see recipes getting updated but not Attributes/default.rb (folder is there but not file)…

Am I using wrong command

knife upload cookbooks <cookbbok_name>
Created cookbooks/<cookbook_name>



I believe the command is knife cookbook upload <cookbook_name>. At least thats what I use.


I tried that as well, no effect

–recurse or --force do not help either…:frowning:
-V shows
Validating Ruby files
Syntax OK
Uploading files
Upload complete!
Uploaded 1 cookbook

It’s probably not quite what you’re looking for - But have you considered using berks to manage your versioning instead?

If you ever need to add dependencies to your cookbooks, it’ll manage it all for you rather nicely.

You should just be able to use it now:

‘berks upload’

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