Vyos Configuration With Chef


I’m looking for a cookbook, or a known good method of configuring a Vyos router with Chef. The Vyos forums shows Ansible and Puppet support, but nothing for Chef: http://forum.vyos.net/showthread.php?tid=6583 Additionally, there are no hits on Supermarket for Vyos. Any feedback or thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


I’d be happy to talk to the folks at Vyos about putting a cookbook out
together, but I haven’t heard much demand for it. Chef’s Partner
Engineering will be launching a Cookbook Program later this month to enlist
more vendors getting cookbooks written for our users.

Matt Ray
Director of Partner Integration :: Chef
matt@chef.io :: 512.731.2218
mattray :: GitHub :: IRC :: Twitter

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the response! I’d love to see a community cookbook for the Vyos
platform. Without a community solution at the moment, I’ll move onto
developing an internal solution. Should Vyos partner with Chef, please let
me know, and maybe we can all collaborate on merging solutions. Thanks!