Web Operations Job at Lonely Planet

Hi all,

I work in web operations for Lonely Planet, and we're looking to add a new
member to our team in Nashville, TN, US. We're big users and fans of Chef,
so I thought I'd share the position here in case any community members are
looking for work.

Our web operations team is responsible for working alongside developers to
ensure that lonelyplanet.com can efficiently deliver a stable and fast
product to travellers. You might be a good fit if you

  • believe infrastructure as code and automation are awesome
  • worship highly availability and performant infrastructure
  • are Master of the Linux Universe
  • know what’s what with AWS
  • have experienced the challenges of running web applications at scale
  • can’t live without source code management
  • feel happiest work closely with devs
  • know a bit about Ruby
  • perhaps (but not essentially) know your way around Postgres
  • can understand technology problems as part of a broader product vision
  • have passion for travel and interest in building systems that connect
    travellers with content and each other.

You can see the full position description and application information at

We're also hiring for Ruby developers in Nashville, London, Melbourne and
remote! Every developer gets a knife client and contributes to the
cookbooks that support their applications. You can learn more about those
positions at http://www.lonelyplanet.com/jobs/

Brian Pitts
Web Operations Engineer