A follow up about what happened with the mailing list migration

I wrote up a post at https://coderanger.net/chef-mailing-list/ to summarize what I know of the migration. Hopefully this gives at least a little bit of transparency about what went on with the migration(s). If anyone has questions, please feel free to ping me on or off list.

Nice writeup. The lack of communication was a bit jarring, but the motivation behind the migration is definitely understandable. Unfortunate that some folks that did not want emails got a bit of ‘spam’ but hopefully that was the (rightfully vocal) minority. I personally haven’t used discourse before this, but it seems pretty nice so far.

One question I had was, what impact to overall level of activity on the mailing list has the migration to discourse had? Is it more, less, or about the same?

Very nice writeup. Hoping at some point to find out why the Discourse / web
forum route versus using mailman.

I don't think there is enough data to really say how much this has affected usage, the last two weeks looks basically normal given the big swings the list has in overall traffic.

For the hell of it I did do a scan of my email archives and put together a plot of activity year-to-date bucketed by weeks:

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I’ve just posted a message on our migration from lists.opscode.com to discourse.chef.io.

Noah, thanks again for all of your help during this migration.

@Alex_Thomas the decision to go with Discourse was something discussed as part of our RFC process and agreed back in March.

It will be interesting to watch the adoption of Discourse over time.